These Hilarious Pets Lost Their Minds When They Met Other Animals

We all love cuddling up to our furry friends and enjoying the weird and wacky ways they sometimes relate to us. No one ever really knows what’s going on in their pets’ minds, but that’s what makes them so fun and an integral part of any family.

But it’s not just humans that our pets can sometimes struggle to understand. Sometimes the even more hilarious encounters happen when our animals are faced with a totally different species.

Check out this gallery of the top funniest reactions from pets meeting other animals.

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All About That Bass

Wow! This little pup was certainly not prepared for this fishy encounter. He looks utterly bewildered by the sight of this crazy creature.

We are not sure what is funniest about this picture, the expression of complete consternation on the dog’s face, or the randomly aggressive foghorn-shouty look on the fish’s face.

Or is it the fact that two people are holding these animals up to each other in what is quite frankly a bizarre photo op?

Whatever it is, we’re enjoying the whole package.All About That Bass

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Quacking Up

Another hilarious expression on this dog’s face when he catches sight of this little duck. We suppose we’d be surprised too, if we’d never seen a creature like this before either, but he does seem to be overreacting a tad. It’s only a cute little ducky! The expression of pure horror would be more suited to coming face-to-face with a lion or invading alien of some kind.

The dog does look a little bedraggled though—perhaps the duck isn’t as innocent as he seems and roughed up the pup before the camera caught them?Quacking Up

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This is Fine

What we love about dogs sometimes is just their absolute overwhelming desire to please. It can be so heartwarming, to feel so utterly loved by a creature that you know would do absolutely anything for you and show just endless loyalty.

But it continues to amaze us just how much dogs will put up with in order to keep the peace in their forever home. Here we see a gorgeous pooch being overrun with some slightly overbearing ducks.

This long-suffering pup responds with such dignity—like an indulgent grandfather.This is Fine

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Bunny Up

We all know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with cuteness whenever we see a baby animal of any kind. Why would this feeling be limited to only the human experience?

We know that dogs are super loving and pretty much better people than we are anyway, so it’s really no surprise that this perfect pooch decided to take in some baby bunnies as her own and look after them and protect them from harm.

Just look at how much care the dog is giving to these tiny bunnies and how safe they seem to feel in her embrace. Beautiful!Bunny Up

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Roll and Slide

Unlike dogs, who will grin and bear almost any awkward situation for the sake of your love, cats are renowned for having somewhat less patience for human nonsense. We all know that kitty cuddles are not something we have on tap, but something we only enjoy on the rare occasions when our cat decides we are good enough.

So here it’s very surprising to see this hilarious fluffball quite unsure of what to do next—clearly not enjoying cuddle time, but unlike the ease with which they shrug off humans, here the situation is clearly a little more difficult. Awks!Roll and Slide

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Fitting In

You know what they say—variety is the spice of life. This ostrich obviously got sick of mingling with the same people every day in his social scene.

We all like to branch out now and again, so why not? If you are a bit bored of your surroundings, it makes total sense to try and mix things up a bit, including the people you hang out with.

Kudos to this ostrich for broadening his horizons and choosing to go hang out with a new crowd.Fitting In

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Puppy Love

We all know that pups are made up basically entirely of fluffy cuddles and loving feelings. All they really want is the love and attention that comes from an all-consuming hug.

So it’s really no surprise that seal pups would also be the same, and that when the two come together, it’s an absolute overwhelming heap of cuteness.

Just look at this cross-culture loving cuddle mash up between sea and land pups. They won’t let the disparity of their habitats get in the way of a gold old snuggle fest. No sir.Puppy Love

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Staying Calm

Overreaction much? We know that dogs in general have a lot of feelings, but this seems somewhat over the top even for the most sensitive of pups. It’s not even a real animal, for heaven’s sake!

What would this terrified dog do when faced with a sheep in real life? Doesn’t he realize that it’s his own canine cousins whose job it is to keep these guys under control?

Buck up, perturbed pup, and remember you’re the one in charge around here.Staying Calm

Photo via Imgur

Making Friends

Oh dear. If there ever was a glaringly obvious sign of just how naively loving and friendly dogs are, this would be it.

We do not think this pretty pup’s potential new friendship is going to go as well as he may be thinking right now—in fact we think this crab is probably about to nip any chances of a connection in the bud. And by bud, we mean this innocent doggo’s little nose.

We forever admire this perfect pooch’s people-person attitude, but we’re hoping that he gets out while he still can.Making Friends

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Stand Off

We can cut the tension in the air between these two creatures with a knife. Just look as they stay stuck in their own positions, just staring and staring until one faces the other down.

You would think that a deer could probably take a cat, given their size and strength—but then again, we all know cats have an innate self-preservation instinct and vicious streak that quite frankly puts even the greatest beast in danger.

Our money’s on the kitty, quite frankly. We’d back away now, Mr. Deer, if we were you.Stand Off

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Otterly Adorable

Otters are famous as one of the most loving and romantic creatures in the animal kingdom. Did you know that they are one of the few animals that mate for life, and you can see them floating down the water hand-in-hand with their beaus?

So it’s no surprise that dogs, the most famously loving of all beings, would find a kindred spirit in this special species.

Just look at the two of them bonding over how much they love hugs and commitment. If only they could rule the world instead of us.Otterly Adorable

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Homely Hairdo

Ever heard the phrase “birds’ nest” to describe a particularly messy hairdo?

Well, we don’t think that this birds-nest do is any kind of accident in this particular case. We all know how much dogs love to please, and we think he probably deliberately got himself as scruffy as possible to try and entice these birds to make their home in his hair.

Just look how still and careful he is being—he’s loving being a place of solace for these little creatures. We just wish we were small enough to cuddle up in his ear, too!Homely Hairdo

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Stinky Stuff

Ok, this one isn’t technically another animal… but it was so funny that we had to leave it in.

The horror on this adorable cat’s face isn’t from encountering another creature, but rather a dot of the durian plant—famous for being the smelliest plant in the world!

This stinky shrub is basically the opposite of catnip—give your feline friend a sniff of catnip, and they’ll go bonkers, but put a bit of durian in front of their face and they are basically frozen in shock. It’s like kitty kryptonite!Stinky Stuff

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Trapped in Joy

Any cat owner knows the pure paralyzing joy of their precious kitty falling asleep on their lap or chest. It’s the utter most intense moment of bliss—and leaves you unable to move a muscle, for fear of alerting them to your presence and causing them to leap off you right away, returning to their snooty indifference.

But here we can see a DOG experiencing the same thing, with a TINY BABY DEER sitting on them.

Excuse us, we just need to mop up our bits of heart having just exploded everywhere.Trapped in Joy

Photo via Imgur

Who’s the Boss

Here we see another example of cats, despite being generally smaller and lighter and less forceful than most of the animals around them, being able to strike fear in the hearts of any creature.

This cat isn’t even doing anything—literally just sitting still on the couch.

But you can see the intent in its eyes and we do NOT blame this terrified dog for cowering away as far as possible at the other end of the couch.

Dogs are not ones for conflict, and this particular pooch is happy to give up territory for the sake of his safety.Who’s the Boss

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Pillow Talk

We all dream of finding that perfect person who can be both a shoulder to lean on and someone to stay up all night with snuggling on the pillows.

But even our wildest dreams of true love can’t match up to what it looks like these guys have together.

This cross-species love is just ultimate couple goals.

Look at how relaxed and comfy the dog is, resting on his cushion-and-beloved-friend combo. And the cow looks equally blissful, just happy to be in the company of the perfect pooch.Pillow Talk

Photo via Imgur

You Can’t Sit With Us

This dog and cat look like there’s quite a bit of animosity between them, but they have also somehow been brought together by a common enemy.

Though they both seem pretty stuck on the fact that they will NOT sit together, and this is the closest they’ll get to each other—they do also seem in some kind of agreement that the space between them is sacred and they will not allow anyone to squeeze into it.

The look they are giving the camera is the ultimate mean girl freeze.You Can’t Sit With Us

Photo via Imgur


Look at this uber-civilized meeting of minds! We wish we saw humans being this polite and courteous to each other. It’s like a scene from the golden age of the Victorian era, where social etiquette was a big thing and chivalry was not dead.

Just look at how they offer their paws to each other, in a delicate and refined greeting.

If two animal species can be so polite and respectful of each other, we as humans could certainly learn a thing or two about this kind of attitude.Enchanté

Photo via Imgur

The Face of Regret

If there’s one thing all dogs have in common, it’s a tendency to overdo things. It’s just not in them to hide their emotions or be subtle.

Have you ever heard of a dog who remains aloof and cool when you walk through the door after getting home? Nope—they bound over in unbridled joy.

That’s pretty much what we guess has happened here—overwhelmed with happiness at the prospect of a new friend, this dog bounced over to say hello. Then, faced with the frosty reception of that cat—and his claws—he leapt away in equally over-the-top terror.The Face of Regret

Photo via Imgur

On the Fence

This photo looks like a piece of art, some kind of painting with a deep, philosophical or superstitious meaning.

What does it mean when a black cat crosses your path? Something about bad luck, right?

But what about when a black cat climbs over a fence directly above your head, when you are a bunch of curious sheep?

We think these bleaters are pretty much wondering the same. They look entranced at the sight of the new arrival—we just hope that kitty didn’t leap down and attack them in a random show of cat rage.On the Fence

Photo via Imgur

It’s Behind You

This dog is all of us. Who hasn’t experienced that utter terror when you spot a cat poised for attack, looking directly at you?

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know exactly what that look means. Those focused, narrowed eyes, that arched back, those tip-toeing paws—yep, he’s ready to pounce.

We are not sure if the dog can just sense the danger somehow, or if he can see the creeping kitty in the reflection of something.

Whatever the case, we feel ya, terrified doggo. We’d be pulling that face too. Run for your life!It’s Behind You

Photo via Imgur

Step Up

Now, we’re not entirely sure what is going on here. On the one hand, it looks a bit like the dog and the cat are having some kind of face-off over who owns the key territory of any multi-pet household: the stairs.

On the other, the dog looks kind of ashamed of himself, like he’s getting a big telling off and knows he hasn’t been a very good boy.

“Think about what you’ve done,” kitty seems to be saying. Is the dog on the naughty step?Step Up

Photo via Imgur

Tiny Terror

This picture reminds us of the old saying that elephants are afraid of mice.

Just why is this enormous, powerful, majestic husky afraid of this tiny yappy dog? It’s also hilarious that this owner can even withstand the weight of this terrified pooch in his embrace.

However, anyone who really knows dogs, knows that the bigger and more intimidating they look, the bigger softies they generally turn out to be.

Come on, tiny terrier! Pick on someone your own size.Tiny Terror

Photo via Imgur

Furry Friends

Another meeting of minds that seems to be yielding kind of surprising results.

Why are these two massive, pretty aggressive looking dogs, seemingly so terrified of this tiny creature? What even is it?

It looks to us that this weeny wiener is in fact a ferret—not exactly known for their vicious and flesh-eating attacks.

However, to be fair to these dogs, they don’t know that, and they are perhaps right to be backing off in terror.

Fair enough, but we wouldn’t be signing up these pooches as our guard dogs any time soon.Furry Friends

Photo via Imgur

Bird Brain

Here we have another example of dogs being completely terrified by a creature far smaller and more delicate than them.

It really says a lot about dogs’ overall natures, that even though they are capable of overpowering pretty much most of the animals they are likely to encounter during their lives, they always respond with a general fear.

Is it because they are just wimps? We think not—it’s because they are such good boys that they don’t want ever to risk conflict. Even if it’s with a tiny bird.Bird Brain

Photo via Imgur

Making Friends

We know cats get a bad rep, but honestly, when you look at pictures like this, you realize that actually they are way worse and far more evil in real life.

Look at this poor doggo, just minding his own business. His to-do list for the day, like every day, was probably just to be a very good boy and maybe get some treats.

But instead, look what he gets—a face full of screaming feline menace.

The dog’s silent look of terror just says it all, really. Poor doggo.Making Friends

Photo via Imgur

Eat Your Greens

We all remember what it was like as a child being told to eat your greens. Of course, it made us all want to eat anything except greens, right?

Sure, everyone’s gone through that phase where they’ll do anything to avoid eating up a big plate of vegetables. Give us some sweets or cookies any day!

But we are not quite sure why these corgis look generally so afraid of this zucchini. Is it because it’s so giant? Or are they just afraid they’re going to be forced into eating some sort of vegan cake?Eat Your Greens

Photo via Imgur


This poor little owl is so confused. Wait, actually, so are we.

Are they in a library or a bookshop? What is an owl doing there, anyway?

Maybe it’s a Harry Potter owl, some sort of display for the boy wizard series where the favorite creatures swoop around creating a feeling of magic.

Maybe the owl just got lost, and somehow wound up inside the building?

Either way, he seems kind of confused to have found his possible soulmate, except a kind of squishier, less lively version.Mom?

Photo via Imgur

Two Against One

We totally understand the fear on this little guy’s face. It would be hard to stay brave even in the face of one cat focusing on you as it prepares to pounce.

But two of them, together, ganging up on you in unison? No thanks. They definitely look poised to strike—and these little fellas are not known for their gentle attack.

This dog is probably wondering just how fast he can get out of there—and we don’t blame him!Two Against One

Photo via Imgur

Crab Walk

Yikes! Look at that thing! If we were faced with this creepy crustacean creature, we’d probably hide under a chair too.

What’s especially scary is the way its pincers are taped shut—you just know that he’d do some serious damage if he got a moment of freedom. A bit like when you see a dog wearing a muzzle.

But this guy is no muzzle mutt—he’s just a very good boy who doesn’t want to get nipped with those sharp tongs.

We totally support this retreat—in fact, make some room, because we’re coming in there with you.Crab Walk

Photo via Imgur

Forbidden Love

When you truly love someone, you don’t let anything stand in your way.

Even if your best bud is a totally different species to you, or locked in a cage where you’ll never be able to eve give them a hug—when you find a real friendship like that, you stick with it.

That’s why this Australian Shepherd and this little rabbit are sticking together through thick and thin—they won’t be separated by any kind of barriers.

We hope that this bunny gets a bit of time outdoors for these BFFs to spend some quality snuggle time together.Forbidden Love

Image via @harris_the_aussie/Instagram

Awkward Silence

This photo looks a bit like someone has accidentally made a terribly inappropriate comment or passed wind at a super-formal family lunch.

Neither this cat or dog seem to want to engage in whatever’s making this encounter so awkward, but you could cut the tension in this room with a knife.

Was it something we said? Maybe we should just back away slowly and let the two of them get back to whatever delicate discussion they were having. Don’t mind us…Awkward Silence

Photo via Imgur

Family Bonding

For some households, it’s an easy enough decision to have both a cat and a dog. If you’ve got enough space, and time to give both of them enough attention, then eventually the two pets can generally get along fine.

However, there’s always that awkward moment when you bring home a new pet and introduce them to your already well-established furry friend.

These two seem to be sizing each other up, with a noncommittal sniff and head-bump while still maintaining a degree of distance.Family Bonding

Image via @catcalledgeorge/Instagram

New Arrival

This German Shepherd looks a little unsure about this new creature they are being presented with.

Sure, it’s pretty small and cute, but isn’t this just a tiny baby version of those scary, hissy, scratchy creatures?

This doggo is right to be cautious, but if cats and dogs are raised together in the same home, with plenty of space, training and equal attention—they can actually end up growing to be the best of friends.

Even though he’s still sizing her up, we think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.New Arrival

Image via @zoeyzo_thegsd/Instagram

Not Impressed

Well, we would not like to be the cause of this kitty’s stony face.

We are not sure what has offended her more—the fact that a tiny chirpy bird has suddenly entered her territory, or the fact she has to bear the ignominy of this super-twee miniature bow tie.

Honestly, don’t humans realize that cats are one day going to take over the world? Stop enraging them with forced cutesy costumes and tantalizing animals that they would normally eat, but instead have to listen to their mimicking, mocking voices all day through a cage.

Not Impressed

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