The Weirdest, Most Wonderful Celebrity Encounters, Told By Fans

We all know the saying, “never meet your heroes”. It’s often thought that celebrities have pretty different personas in real life compared to their stage personas.

When you have admired someone on the screen or stage for many years, it’s pretty unlikely they will live up to your expectations when meeting them in the flesh, right?

Wrong. Some people have met their favorite celebs, only to discover that they are even more fabulous in real life.

Read on for some of the most amazing, weird and wacky celeb encounters to have ever happened.

Maya Angelou

This story about legendary writer and poet Maya Angelou is as inspiring and beautiful as any of her greatest writings.

We all love a cute toddler, but few of us can express it as eloquently and powerfully as this celebrated wordsmith.

Imagine being given this wonderful compliment as a child by such an artistic creator of beauty.

We wonder if Angelou herself realized just what a significant moment she was making for this family. It’s an encounter that this young toddler, plus her astonished mother, will clearly never forget!Maya Angelou

Stephen Fry

Good old Stephen Fry. He is definitely the kind of person who comes across as super affable and goodhearted onscreen.

And we are happy to see that his real-life encounters with fans prove this reputation to be totally genuine. Forget taking a selfie or signing an autograph, Stephen Fry will get you a job!

We are sure that this person got the job on their own merit, but it must have been an amazing confidence boost to know that this super celeb was rooting for them.Stephen Fry

Alan Rickman

We can’t imagine any possible thing that could ever improve anyone’s dining experience, more than an unexpected encounter with Alan Rickman.

The celebrated British actor was a true national treasure and held a place in fans’ hearts across the world.

We wonder if Rickman made a habit of deliberately reading out menus aloud, so that passers-by could have the pleasure of hearing his melodious voice in real life. It seems like the kind of good-natured thing that he would do.Alan Rickman

Morgan Freeman

We love this story for several reasons. First, it shows how good of an actor Morgan Freeman really is, that he was able to keep up the charade of pretending to be whoever this oblivious fan thought he was.

But as well as that, it shows that he is a genuinely kind and funny man, going along with it so as not to embarrass this woman—and also needing no recognition for his celebrity status.

The smile and wink at the end are just the cherry on the top! We love him!Morgan Freeman

Victoria Beckham

This one isn’t exactly how you would imagine meeting your hero, but destiny can surprise you in the most unexpected of ways.

We are not sure if this really happened, but according to this Spice Girls fan, she bumped into Victoria Beckham pretty literally!

If it is true, then we love how the both of them reacted to it! Despite their massive fame and mega wealth, this one couple who clearly remain super down to earth—even if they do exhibit superhuman levels of beauty.Victoria Beckham

Muhammad Ali

This is a particularly touching one. We all know that Muhammad Ali was a master of boxing and could beat almost any of his opponents down in the ring, but here we see an example of his softer side.

His famous quote “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” certainly applies here. Ali may have been a legend in the ring, but he certainly knew how to be gentle when he needed—for example, inspiring a young child with his kind and inclusive words.Muhammad Ali

Billy Crystal & Robin Williams

Here’s a heartwarming anecdote from celebrated actor and much-loved funnyman Robin Williams.

Imagine striking up a conversation with one of your favorite celebs, only to discover there’s another legend right next to them, and you might have accidentally just insulted them!

Fortunately for this fan, however, Williams only let him think it for just a moment, before making it clear he was pulling his leg.

Imagine having a joke played on you by Robin Williams—the ultimate jokester! What a lucky guy this fan was.Billy Crystal & Robin Williams

Benedict Cumberbatch

Who hasn’t curled up on the sofa with a mug of tea and watched Sherlock while dreaming about dancing the night away with Benedict Cumberbatch? Asking for a friend.

This woman certainly learned that a bit of boldness can really pay off—you can’t always be sure if celebrities are really going to be that keen for fan requests, but clearly Cumberbatch was more than happy to oblige on this occasion.

We bet he’s a great dancer, too—is there anything this man can’t do?Benedict Cumberbatch

Ryan Gosling

To the casual observer, it may seem that this remark from Ryan Gosling to a fan sounds a tad arrogant. But the truth is, he’s actually sort of making fun of himself with this comment.

As well as being a super successful and acclaimed actor, Gosling is also somewhat of an internet sensation, and hilarious memes of him feature pretty heavily on the photo sharing site.

So whether this one really happened or not, we can kind of imagine him saying this in the most charming of ways. What a dreamboat.Ryan Gosling

Robin Williams

It’s no surprise at all that international treasure Robin Williams makes our list more than once. The globally adored comedy superstar was well known for his acts of kindness both on and off the set, and that he dedicated himself to his career mostly for the purpose of making other people happy.

To hear an anecdote like this only serves to increase his reputation of a man of incredible kindness and integrity.

What a lucky man to get to spend a whole day on set with this absolute legend.Robin Williams

Bruce Willis

For a man who has made his name in a host of fast-paced action movies, it’s no surprise really to find out that Bruce Willis might enjoy the odd high-speed car chase.

However, he clearly wasn’t expecting to be caught out red handed by this eagle eyed fan, who spotted his true identity.

We are not sure if this fan was definitely accurate in identifying this driver as Bruce Willis, but we have to say it’s a great story if so.Bruce Willis

Salvador Dali

Talk about encountering a legend! Did you know, rumor has it that at one point Salvador Dali was so incredibly revered in his native Spain, that you could address a letter to him by simply drawing his iconic mustache on the envelope—everyone knew what that image meant.

We can only imagine what this hotel worker must have felt when they opened the door and come face to face with Salvador Dali. Certainly a surreal experience—in more ways than one!Salvador Dali

Robin Williams

Another day, another heartwarming fan encounter with the legendary Robin Williams! It’s really a testament to his character that so many people have their own stories about how wonderful he was when meeting him in person.

As we know, Williams was dedicated to making people laugh as it’s one of the most wonderful and simplest ways to make another person happy.

Here he not only made an anonymous stranger laugh, he probably put to bed any small fears about his upcoming doctor’s appointment.

You know what they say—laughter is the best medicine!Robin Williams

Jack Black

Funnyman Jack Black is definitely someone we’d like to run into in real life. Famous for his hilarious comedy styling, his brilliant musical talents, and sometimes combining the two, who can imagine what kind of delights an encounter with Black would bring?

Well, one particular fan certainly can! According to them, Jack Black appeared out of nowhere to join her in a random singalong. We honestly can’t think of any greater moment we would like to happen in our lives.Jack Black

Lindsay Lohan

A super touching story about the often much maligned Lindsay Lohan. It’s no surprise really that the Mean Girls star would be so kind to a child—having started out as a child star and pretty much grown up on set, she must really understand and still remember how hard being a kid can sometimes be.

What a wonderful gesture from the Hollywood star to this little kid—it’s these sorts of kind words that are super easy to give out, and can make a massive difference to someone’s life.Lindsay Lohan

Harrison Ford

And it’s not just us mere mortals that can end up totally star struck when meeting our favorite celebs. No, other famous people can fall prey to the tongue-tied silence that overcomes us all when coming face to face with our heroes!

Take Liz Vassey, for instance. She may be a successful actress in her own right, but that didn’t stop her from being totally overwhelmed by her encounter with Hollywood legend Harrison Ford!

Thankfully, it looked like Ford was uber gracious and made sure that the star struck Vassey was made to feel comfortable.Harrison Ford

Joel Grey

This one might really be one of our favorites. Just imagine walking down the street and bumping into Academy-award winning actor and dancer Joel Grey, and then having him literally sweep you off your feet!

The Hollywood legend clearly isn’t one to complain about being bothered by adoring fans—he obviously adores them right back.

We are just pleased that there were two of them to witness this amazing event, otherwise it would be pretty easy to think you maybe just dreamed it!Joel Grey

Liza Minnelli

“Liza Minelli Stole My Sunglasses” sounds like the title for a wacky improv show, or perhaps an emotionally warbling country music song.

But in fact, it’s true for this fan as merely a statement—if it was really her, that is.

Let’s be honest—if Liza Minelli put on our sunglasses, even as a joke, nothing would make us happier than to let her keep them! She is a legend and an icon, after all. Is there any bigger confidence boost to possibly get in this world, than Liza Minelli stealing your sunglasses? We think not.Liza Minnelli

Bill Nye

We all know Bill Nye the Science Guy, but what about Bill Nye the Fly Tie Guy?

That’s what we will be calling him from now on, after we heard this amazing story from an elevator operator.

It just goes to show that Nye’s incredible energy and fast-paced enthusiasm isn’t just an act, but is a completely genuine part of his personality.

We just wish we’d been there at the time to witness this amazing feat of super-fast tie-tying skills and staying super cool under pressure.Bill Nye

Paul Rudd

This is about the most adorable encounter we can possibly think of, and quite frankly we are kind of sad to hear that it has already happened, because that makes it less likely that it will happen again. With us. Casually buying our morning cappuccino and admiring a man nearby who is so charming, that he is almost as charming as Paul Rudd… and then we realize it is Paul Rudd.

Then Paul Rudd falls in love with us, we have a coffee date, and the rest is history.Paul Rudd

Alan Rickman

Another beautiful story about the international treasure that was Alan Rickman.

This one could potentially seem somewhat less classy, especially considering the… less than delicate way it’s been expressed here, but we can always rely on Alan Rickman to bring things back to a certain level of refinement.

Of course he would laugh something like this off—the princely thing to do. Oh, just imagine his deep mellifluous tones as he bellowed gallantly.

What a lucky guy that waiter was. We wonder if he turned around right away, or stood still with his back to him, frozen in awe.Alan Rickman


If any celebrity is not conventional by the general Hollywood and showbiz standards, it’s the iconic singer Bjork.

It makes complete sense that this unique and somewhat eccentric songstress would randomly decide to DJ in some bar, completely unbothered and oblivious to the idea of her celebrity status getting in the way.

We love the barman’s response to it, too—so cool and collected, and clearly on great terms with the legendary singer.

We’re sure it wasn’t “oh so quiet” in the bar that night!Bjork

Jared Leto

We wish we could answer the question of what we do for a living, by just repeating our name.

It sounds a bit odd, and possibly a little pretentious, but if you think about it, really he’s right.

What does Jared Leto really do for a living? He really does just be Jared Leto. Sure, he’s an Academy Award winning actor, an accomplished musician, and super stunning model, but that’s not really what he does. What he does is, be Jared Leto. And we have to hand it to him, he’s really rather good at it.Jared Leto


Usually, we would find it pretty cheeky for a celeb to take advantage of a simple mistake and let a civilian pay for their meal—after all, we certainly think that a worldwide megastar such as Bjork has enough money to spring for a few plates of salty meat, but somehow, when it’s the Icelandic superstar, we just don’t mind it as much.

After all, it’s Bjork! She probably didn’t do it on purpose—she is just wandering round on a different plane of existence to the rest of us.Bjork

Paris Hilton

Another fabulous celeb spotting story features our favorite hotel empire heiress and socialite of the 2000s, the inimitable Paris Hilton.

Apparently, according to one Urban Outfitters worker, she wandered into the store in Toronto one day, and made quite the impression.

The worker recalled that she walked up to the till, laden with baskets, and said, “Hi, I’m Paris Hilton and I’m about to buy a LOT of stuff. Is that ok?”.

Clearly it was, because according to the worker she spent about $6,000 in one go.Paris Hilton

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has become something of an internet meme in recent years, seemingly constantly popping up in weird and unexpected places, either totally unaware or simply unbothered that everyone is taking photos of him.

But instead of staring blankly into space at a sandwich bar, one time in 2007 Tarantino was spotted in a Virgin Megastore.

According to the fan who encountered him, they tried to talk to him about his upcoming movie, but he rambled too incoherently for anyone realize that he was talking about the first plans for Inglourious Basterds.Quentin Tarantino

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle is definitely one celeb who was thrust into the spotlight super suddenly and without much preliminary warning. For that reason, it makes sense that she would still be pretty down to earth.

And one particular fan confirmed this after their own encounter with the mega talented opera star.

A lorry driver was delivering a suitcase to what seemed like an ordinary enough house, but when the door opened, he realized whose it was!

Even though he was a bit starstruck, Boyle and her equally friendly sister made the driver feel right at home, laughing and joking with him.Susan Boyle

Orlando Bloom’s credit card

Before you have an unexpected celeb encounter, it would really be nice if you could get a tiny bit of prior warning just moments before it happens. That way you can fix your hair a bit, hide your wedding ring, that sort of thing.

And one Orlando Bloom fan was lucky enough to get such a warning.

After heading to the ATM to draw some cash, she noticed that someone had left their card. And—amazingly—the name on the card was Orlando Bloom.

Sure enough, moments later, Legolas himself came galloping round the corner to get his card back.Orlando Bloom’s credit card

Steven Tyler

Sure, whenever we watch the movie Armageddon, or listen to its super famous iconic song “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, there isn’t a dry eye in the house.

But there certainly was a dry eye or two for the famous singer and songwriter of that smash hit, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

Apparently, one fan encountered him when the rocker randomly walked up to him in a store and asked him for eye drops.

Hey, whether you work there or not—when Steven Tyler asks you for eye drops, you find them for him.Steven Tyler

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