Adorable Photos of Puppies Who Outgrew Their Owners

There’s nothing more adorable than a tiny little puppy, and nothing beats the feeling of taking one home to your family to love and take care of it. Sometimes, they grow so quickly, you forget just how little they were – and how much bigger they ended up than your ever imagined possible. Let’s take a moment to salute those teeny-tiny puppies who totally outgrew themselves – and their owners.

Read on for 29 incredibly cute pics of puppies on the day of their adoption, compared to how they look today.

Who’s A Good Boy

SQUEAL! Just look at that tiny little face on this heartbreakingly sweet puppy. Excuse us while we just lie down and die from the cuteness on display here. We just cannot.

Fast forward till this puppy is all grown up, and his owner can barely get her hands around him! We bet this dog still has no idea how big he is, and wants to jump on laps for cuddles and snuggles at all times. We’d let him, no matter how many lamps or limbs he might break.

Who’s A Good Boy

All Growed Up

We admire the commitment to continuity here. If you look closely, the owner is wearing the same pajamas in both photos! The photos have also been taken in the same spot, next to that chest.

It would have been extra cool if the clock had been in both snaps – showing the same time.

But who cares about the background when your TINY PUPPY HAS TURNED INTO A MYTHICAL WOLF BEAST OF BEAUTY?!

The wolf beast looks so happy and proud, too. “Look, Mom! I growed!”

We’re not crying. You’re crying.

All Growed Up

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