Pets Being People: Just 35 Animals Living Their Best Human-shaped Lives

We all know the idea that people can start to look like their pets. It’s not uncommon for a devoted pet owner to start exhibiting behaviors or quirks similar to that of their beloved furry friends.

But what about the other way around, when animals start behaving like their owners? It may be a little less common, but it’s absolutely one thousand million times as cute.

Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of pets trying to behave like humans.

Backseat Driver

We’ve all had that feeling when we’re trying to do an important task, and someone’s hovering around annoyingly in the background, silently making it clear that they think they could be doing it so much better than you.

Normally it’s super annoying having a lurker peeping over your shoulder when you’re trying to concentrate on something, but when your peeper is this furry and cute, they can bother us as much as they want.

Let’s be honest, this kitty probably does know better than all of us, anyway.

Backseat Driver

Riding Dirty

Well look at this cool dude. We are not sure what’s more adorable—the fact that he is packed so neatly into his owner’s side car, rocking that biking bandana and those cycle sunnies, or the way he’s looking straight at the camera when this was being taken.

This cool canine knows he’s got the sharpest wheels on the block, and the style to match it.

We all know a dog is man’s best friend, so it’s certainly no surprise that this pooch is his owner’s ride-or-die.

Riding Dirty

Bedtime Story

SQUEAL! Is there anything better than curling up in bed, a good book in one hand, and your snuggly, adorable, feline friend cuddling up beside you?

Why, yes, there is—when your cuddlesome kitty enjoys a good read as much as do you!

Just imagine a fuzzy snuggle fest with your cat, followed by an intellectual discussion of the finer points of Chaucer. It’s the dream!

What do we think that clever kitty is reading? Our money’s on Cat-22, or maybe Lord of the Fleas.

Bedtime Story

Doggy Style

We’ve all seen it. A dog in a car on a hot day, driving along with the window down, trying their best to get of bit of air and cool down.

Normally our parched pooches tend to stick out their long, slobbery tongues, delighting all of us with the sight of their drooly chops spilling out all over their pet parents’ paintwork.

Not this guy, though. He obviously understands the classier way to get some air while cruising down the highway. No slobbering over this Suzuki. And look, Dad knows it too—he’s laughing all the way to the bank!

Doggy Style

Cat Nap

We don’t know who designed this super-cute and dinky cat-sized deck chair, but whoever it was, we salute you.

Not only did you create an object of absolute luxurious comfort for our feline friends to sit back and relax in, but it also provides us with these heavenly photos of unbearable cuteness. Unbearable, we say!

The only way for us to bear the cuteness of this picture, is to make even more. Please create more so we can have an entire beach’s worth full of tiny deckchairs filled with cats!

Cat Nap

Selfie Time

If there’s one thing cats like to do, it’s admire themselves. Whether it’s spending hours preening and pruning themselves, grooming their fur to within an inch of its life—or staring at themselves in the mirror with the intensity of having just witnessed an impossible, yet handsome ghost, cats are pretty much well known for being kind of into themselves.

So really it should come as no surprise to pick up your phone and discover a bunch of selfies taken by your furry friend in awe of his own cuteness.

Selfie Time

You Can’t Sit With Us

Who says that dogs can’t make it into the popular crowd? Sure, most dogs are kind of the opposite of what we might call a mean girl or queen-bee type—they’re sort of more the kind of person that hangs outside your locker waiting for you to come out of class so they can tell you they like your hair the way you wore it yesterday.

Who’d have thought that this good boy, earlier yapping with unrestrained joy at his owner returning through the front door, would now be fixing us with these steely elitist gaze?

You Can’t Sit With Us

Branch Managers

Look at these two good boys waiting patiently at the bank desk. Who wouldn’t give them any sort of loan or mortgage they asked for, just from their overwhelming adorableness?

Is it illegal to bring dogs into banks? If it is, it’s probably because it’s more likely to be able to woo the bank teller into writing you a couple of blank checks to PetSmart.

We wonder if they are there to make a woofdrawal of some kind, or maybe a large depawsit

Branch Managers

Not Impressed

This cat looks pretty mortified, and we can’t say we blame him. Many an ignominy has a cat had to bear at the hands of their owner, and this guy is no different. He’s just tuned out until this whole embarrassing scene is over.

We are not sure which is the more insulting, the bizarrely small and stiff and totally unnecessary sweater vest, the ridiculously tiny cake, or the sad, lonely singular candle.

Whatever it is, this cat’s simply not having it. We’re with ya, buddy.

Not Impressed

Doggie Driver

Honestly, the drivers here! Total animals!

To be honest, this perfect pooch could probably do a better job than some of the maniacs we see on the road these days.

If you think about it, a dog has the perfect temperament for a responsible driver—happy to be trained, learn pretty quickly, and mostly just desperately keen to please everyone else.

Actually, that would only work if all the other drivers were dogs too. On the human roads, he would spend days waiting for someone to give him right of way.

Doggie Driver


Just look at this Very Good Boy enjoying a bit of chill time in his perfectly sized yet human-shaped bed.

Perhaps his owner fashioned a bed like this for him, to try and lure him away from jumping in the grownups bed every day instead?

We are not sure why—if we had a pooch like this ourselves, we would certainly never mind him jumping into our bed for a luxurious cuddle.

Who needs sleep when you’ve got a delightful doggie to entertain?!


Table Manners

Crikey. This certainly isn’t something we’d be expecting to see when heading out for breakfast in the morning.

Sure, he looks polite enough now, sitting patiently at the table waiting to be served his dinner. But is he waiting for you to bring him out a tasty bowl of porridge? Or is he waiting to gobble you up the moment you set foot within his grasp?

He looks so sweet right now just sitting there, but it’s almost too perfect. Proceed with caution.

Table Manners

Kitty Caretaker

Well, this is certainly one upside to having a pet.

Most cats are the ones to make the mess in the house, definitely not the ones to clean it up!

But this helpful kitty is clearly taking matters into his own hands and has no problem getting stuck in with a bit of toilet cleaning.

It’s pretty unusual—our cat definitely takes an interest in the toilet, but they prefer to sit on the edge and watch the water drip, while screaming.

Who needs to call in the plumber, when you can just get your cat to sort it out!

Kitty Caretaker

Sit Back and Relax

We love how this doggo not only loves hanging out with his owner, but really regards him as one of his equals.

He doesn’t seem interested in the other dog—he prefers to stretch out and chill with his human, as the two of them put their feet up together.

Curling up like a dog at the end of the sofa is for regular dogs—this guy is one of the humans, just chilling on the couch and looking at his and the human’s other pet dog. So meta.Sit Back and Relax

Sharing Platter

We know sharing is caring, but this is a pretty risky move here. Have you ever actually been this close to a cat when it comes to giving—or taking away—food?

We just hope that this girl doesn’t pull that corn on the cob away too quickly, or she could be at the receiving end of this super-cute kitty’s hidden claws.

On a more serious note, you should avoid giving your cat human foods, as they lose their natural sense of potentially harmful tastes, which puts them at a much higher risk of accidentally eating something toxic to them.Sharing Platter

Handy Helper

This perfectly preened pooch may look like a princess, but she’s certainly not averse to giving her owner a hand (or paw) with the kitchen tasks.

This is why having a dog is so great—not only are they super cute and fun, but they literally would do anything if they thought there was the slightest chance it might please you.

They may not be able to actually help with things like loading the dishwasher, but you know that they would if they could.

Cute and cuddly and happy to help in the kitchen—literally man’s best friend.Handy Helper

The Morning After

Is this dog hungover? Look at him, slightly slumped, looking a little sad, gazing off into the distance as he half-heartedly attempts to eat a bit of pizza.

This guy’s been so on the lash last night that he can’t move literally a muscle besides that little burst of remaining energy in his tongue.

Wanting that pizza in your mouth, but lacking the required skills to get it there, so just sitting near it taking in the smells while reconsidering all of your prior life choices?

We get it, buddy. We’ve been there.The Morning After

Doggie Drums

This guy looks so unbearably sad that he can’t play on this drum kit.

Is he limited by his dog functions and inability to move his arms independently? The look on his face says to us probably not.

We bet this dog totally trained himself how to drum, and is better than Ringo Starr, but his mean human owner won’t let him for some reason.

They’re called “puppy dog eyes” for a reason—we bet whoever owns these drums couldn’t resist this little guy’s pleas for much longer.Doggie Drums

Hitting the Surf

This super-cute dog looks just as stunned as we are to see him sitting so perfectly on this dinky little surfboard.

We are not sure if he is quite ready to pull off some impressive water trick, but we could watch him for hours just sitting there in his cuteness.

Is the adorable pooch staring at something in the water, or just concentrating really hard at maintaining his balance?

Either way, we support enriching everyday watersports with the addition of our lovable fluffballs.Hitting the Surf

Doing Laundry

Let’s be honest, this furry fluffball is a guy after our own hearts. Who hasn’t just simply lost the will to live during a mammoth laundry session, and yearned to simply collapse in a heap on freshly washed clothes?

Or has this pile of clothes recently been taken out of storage, and this perfect pet pal is simply fatigued at the idea of having to tidy it all away?

Whatever the truth behind this, we feel ya, collapsed kitty—and we wish you nothing but comfiness.Doing Laundry

Netflix and Chill

Is this dog really a dog or is it a man in a dog suit? Or a child in a cozy onesie?

Whatever creature we are looking at here, it’s draped over that footrest in a kind of unnatural and a little bit of a creepy way.

Just what is this guy watching that’s so absorbing that he’s basically forgotten about the rest of his body? Perhaps Pup Fiction, or Mutt Ado About Nothing? Or perhaps that well-loved bunny-chasing classic, Donnie Barko.Netflix and Chill

Helping Hand

Ever heard that joke, “how many cats does it take to change a light bulb?”

Nope, us neither, but we would have expected the punchline to be something like, “one: to sit on a comfy cushion while affixing a stony glare on their human as they do it instead.”

But here this little kitty is breaking down all feline stereotypes, as not only is he wanting to join in with whatever his human’s doing, it looks like he’s actually being quite helpful. Good for you, groundbreakingly handy kitty.

Helping Hand

School Days

Home-schoolers often have a reputation for being kind of oddballs—perhaps they are teaching their children slightly offkey facts and conspiracy theories, or maybe there’s just some sort of deep secret that the family can’t risk being revealed in a wider school setting.

That’s what we think is happening here with this home-schooled sloth—if people knew the truth of sloths’ intelligence and their aptitude for calculus, there’d be some sort of media frenzy.

Better continue keeping the secrets of sloth academia behind closed doors—he seems happy about it, anyway.School Days

Canine Carjack

If you want something done right, do it yourself. That’s obviously what this super-cute corgi decided when he just couldn’t take any more of his silly human driving like a maniac.

Move over, please! It’s time for the tiny terriers to have a turn at the wheel.

He may only just be able to reach the steering wheel and gears with his dinky paws, but we know for sure that this little guy is keeping us safe—how could anyone not feel confident with such a Very Good Boy at the wheel?

Canine Carjack

Aye Aye, Captain!

Just look at this happy pup! This is one Very Good Boy that’s clearly having the time of his life.

Is he overjoyed by his proximity to the water, and uber-excited about the prospect of jumping in and having a good ol’ splash any second now?

Or is he overwhelmed with joy by the fact that he has been named as captain on this glorious voyage? What an honor!

Or maybe he’s just beside himself with the simple joy that can only be felt by a faithful dog getting to spend all day with their favorite human.

Aye Aye, Captain!

Nosy Neighbors

This one is too cute! Not only is this cat acting like that nosy old lady everyone seems to have on their street—peeking out at the comings and goings of the neighborhood, secretly becoming an expert in the affairs of the entire community—but they are doing it in the most adorable kitty-sized way.

Did this fluffball’s human owner cut out this cat-sized square for them to peek through? Or did the cat carve it out itself with a swipe of its majestic paw?

Either way, it’s the perfect station for this super-slick smooth-tailed sentry.Nosy Neighbors

Puppy Yoga

We all know the famous yoga pose “downward dog”, where we mimic the adorable ways pups stretch out their entire bodies. But did you ever expect to see a little pooch recreating one of our human yoga moves?

Here we have an adorable pug pulling off a pretty impressive “cobra” move, which is not necessarily what you’d expect from the scrumptious scrawny scruffballs.

But hey, look at this guy—he’s got the knack pretty much down, and who are we to stand in the way of anyone’s zen.Puppy Yoga

Hit Snooze

We’ve been there: that feeling when you wake up naturally without your alarm, and wonder if you’ve slept through it and it is now lunchtime. This guy’s face encapsulates that unexpected terror of feeling more rested than you expect, and the fear of what disastrous consequences there may be from the surprise snooze.

Fortunately, more often than not, it’s just a case of waking up a few minutes early, and we hope for this little guy at least, he can go back to a soft snooze in his perfectly formed, human-shaped but dog-sized bed.

Hit Snooze

Monday Vibes

We feel seen. Who hasn’t dragged themselves out of bed like this, still asleep, body feeling heavy and like it’s stuck in a thick, gooey treacle of tiredness?

This need for sacking off effort and cranking up the comfiness levels is not just limited to humans, though. Oh no—this guy understands.

This dog is all of us on an early Monday morning after a weekend of excess. Or actually, just any Monday morning at all. Or actually just any morning. Just let us stay in bed. Thanks.

Monday Vibes

I’ve Had a Very Long, Hard Day

We totally relate to this Very Good Boy having a nice long soak in a luxurious bubble bath. It’s all about the self-care these days. Why should this be a human-only type of treat? Dogs need to be pampered too, you know.

Just look at the attention to detail on this relaxing set-up here. The tealights are even just so perfectly spaced along the tub. And this bathing beauty just looks soooo relaxed.

You deserve it, pretty pup. It’s hard work being a Very Good Boy all the time.I’ve Had a Very Long, Hard Day

Vintage Vanity

Here we have another guy enjoying a pooch pampering sesh, although this one doesn’t so much remind us of ourselves, as maybe our grandma.

Is this guy going to spend a little time powdering his nose before getting dressed in a perfect twinset, throwing on a set of pearls and giving us some of his very best, dustiest handbag sweets?

Even the bathroom itself is pretty retro, which just adds to the nostalgia vibes of the whole scene.

We love you, grandma pup, and we support your right to treat yourself.Vintage Vanity

Cool Dude

Look at this guy rocking his sunglasses and power statement tee. The ultimate summer outfit for both any human and their furry friend.

This perfect pooch puts many a self-professed fashionista to shame—look at his effortless sunny style.

It certainly would be the “Best Day” of our lives if we got to encounter this cool dude on one of our summer strolls—we can only hope to capture his fashion forwardness and zen attitude to life.

This guy has it right—just relax, and the rest will follow.Cool Dude

Boys’ Night

This stunning group of Very Good Boys certainly know how to relax of an evening.

Not for them the standard practice of running around after a stick or ball, or the simple joy of their owner returning home from work.

No, these fellas need something a little more sophisticated—cigars and champagne, anyone?

This gentlemen’s corner may look a little high-brow, but you just know they’re gambling for bacon strips or coupons for a by-the-hour snuggle time in their owners’ beds.

Boys’ Night

Maximum Comfort

We know this little pug looks a bit like Yoda, but we think the vibe he is actually channeling is one of a super-comfy day of self-care.

Just look at that uber soft and comfy looking robe, massive mug of some sort of comforting beverage, and of course the quintessential remote in hand.

What else do you need for a day on the couch? It looks pretty perfect to us. Can we come and snuggle with you too, little pug? No? It’s your me-time? Ok, we respect that.

Maximum Comfort

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Just look at this little guy! His cuteness is almost dangerous, because we want to squeal and snuggle him so hard that we might squash him to bits.

We’ll just settle for wailing at the screen about his unbearable cuteness, and maybe think about heading out to procure a hamster of our own.

Can we buy a tiny hamster bed and duvet set as well, please? Paper bedding and hamster wheels are so passé—it’s all about the hamster hygge in these hipster times.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

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