Legendary Athletes and their Equally Inspiring Daughters

We all have our favorite athletes who we look up to and admire. Their stories of strength, skill and perseverance give us huge inspiration—but it’s not just their fans who these legends inspire to greatness.

Many of the most legendary athletes of our time have often raised equally talented daughters, carrying on their legacy in the most inspiring of ways.

Let’s take a look back at some of the greatest athletes of all time and their equally incredible daughters.

Igor Larionov and Alyonka Larionov

Hockey legend Igor Larionov is adored throughout the world for his strength and skill in the sport. Having played for the Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings, Larionov has two Olympic gold medals and three Stanley Cups to his name.

But he’s not the only Larionov making a name for themselves on the celebrity circuit. His daughter Ayonka Larionov has become somewhat of a social media star, sharing her stunning looks and style inspiration with a host of growing fans.

We guess it runs in the family!Igor Larionov and Alyonka Larionov

Mark Gastineau and Brittny Gastineau

Mark Gastineau achieved worldwide fame in the 1980s as one of the top NFL defensive players in history. His legendary skill on the pitch made him one of the most famous names in football even today, but there’s another Gatineau name on fans’ lips nowadays.

Gastineau’s daughter Brittny has also been rising up the ranks of fame, working as a model on a host of high-profile endorsement campaigns. The stunning sports heiress has appeared in shoots for L’Oreal and various glossy magazines.Mark Gastineau and Brittny Gastineau

Paul Gascoigne and Bianca Gascoigne

Legendary British soccer player Paul Gascoigne, affectionately known as “Gazza” by the Brits, is one of the most iconic players in the beautiful game’s history. He has played for some of the greatest teams in the Premier League such as the world-renowned Tottenham Hotspur, as well as representing England’s national team in the World Cup.

But his daughter Bianca Gascoigne is also somewhat of a star in her own right. The model and television presenter has appeared on popular UK reality shows such as Love Island and Big Brother’s Big Mouth.Paul Gascoigne and Bianca Gascoigne

Mark Schlereth and Avery Schlereth

Mark Schlereth is one of the most recognizable names in the NFL today. Not only did he win worldwide fame for his time as a player for teams such as the Washington Redskins and the Denver Broncos, he’s since gone on to become a popular sports analyst on ESPN.

Schlereth’s children have all gone on to be pretty successful, but it’s his daughter Avery who really stands out. The model and social media influencer has a huge following throughout the world and inspires millions with her adventures.Mark Schlereth and Avery Schlereth

Wayne Gretzky and Paulina Gretzky

Legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky is one of the most famous icons in NHL history. Nicknamed “The Great One”, he is regarded by many as the greatest ice hockey player of all time.

As well as making a name for himself on and off the ice, in Gretzky’s family life he is also raising a few Great Ones of his own.

His daughter Paulina has become a star in her own right, thanks to her talent as a singer and worldwide catwalk and fashion model.Wayne Gretzky and Paulina Gretzky

Tony La Russa and Bianca La Russa

Major League Baseball star Tony La Russa is well known throughout the world for his role as baseball analyst and advisor for the Arizona Diamondbacks. And it’s not just his fans who he has inspired towards a love for sport.

His daughter Bianca has also dedicated her life to celebrating the game—she has gained fame as a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders.

Fans around the world are besotted with her stunning looks and her even more impressive high kicks.Tony La Russa and Bianca La Russa

Mark Calcavecchia and Britney Calcavecchia

Golfing legend Mark Calcavecchia is one of the sport’s brightest stars and has gained worldwide fame for his achievements on the course.

He has won a whopping thirteen PGA Tour events, and currently is competing in the prestigious Champions Tour.

His daughter Britney is also somewhat of a sporting aficionado, albeit in a different way. She has worked for the Spring Training Crew of the Los Angeles Dodgers as well as the Chicago White Sox.

Though she may not be an athlete, she’s clearly stayed within the sporting world!Mark Calcavecchia and Britney Calcavecchia

Caitlyn Jenner and Kendall Jenner

Arguably the most famous family in the world, the Jenner-Kardashian clan have been dominating our screens for years in their reality TV show, but Caitlyn Jenner’s fame had actually reached global heights decades before this, as a legendary and accomplished Olympic athlete.

Previously known as Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn has raised an unstoppable clan of celebrity daughters, including supermodel and businesswoman Kendall Jenner.

Kendall has appeared in a huge variety of high-profile modeling campaigns and was named the world’s highest paid model by Forbes in 2017.Caitlyn Jenner and Kendall Jenner

Mark Schlereth and Alexandria Schlereth

Mark Schlereth has so many successful children, that he has actually made this list twice!

We know that he has had a glittering career as both a player and an analyst within the NFL, and that his daughter Avery has followed in his footsteps to become a star.

But she’s not the only one—Alexandria Schlereth has also become a celeb in her own right, as a reporter for Bar Fly on the Fox Sports channel.

She’s also an aspiring Hollywood actress, so we’re sure we’ll be seeing even more of her talents before too long.Mark Schlereth and Alexandria Schlereth

Muhammad Ali and Laila Ali

Muhammad Ali still remains to this day the epitome of boxing greatness. His infamous words “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” perfectly encapsulated his classy yet powerful command of the ring and how he carved his undoubtable position as the world’s greatest.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that his daughter Laila would follow in his footsteps and become a successful boxer in her own right. Though she has since retired, Laila Ali is one of the most successful female boxers in the industry.Muhammad Ali and Laila Ali

Mark Rypien and Angela Rypien

Mark Rypien is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in NFL history. The celebrated quarterback and Super Bowl MVP has played for teams such as the Washington Redskins, Browns, Rams, Falcons, Eagles, Seahawks, and Colts. The legendary player inspired more than just his fans, however.

His daughter Angela is also a mega football talent, playing for the Legends Football League. Like her dad, she plays quarterback, and the Baltimore Sun once called her “the most famous player in the Legends Football League.”Mark Rypien and Angela Rypien

Doug Flutie and Alexa Flutie

Buffalo Bills star Doug Flutie has certainly proved himself as a mega football star, with a glittering career spanning decades.

It’s no surprise that he has made such a success of himself, because he has had the perfect support cheering him on from day one—his daughter Alexa Flutie.

Alexa Flutie is a celebrated and accomplished cheerleader, cheering for teams such as the New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers.

She now works as a cheerleading coach, as well as a professional dancer and choreographer. Impressive!Doug Flutie and Alexa Flutie

Valeri Liukin and Nastia Liukin

Olympian legend Valeri Liukin took the world by storm in the 80s and 90s with his seemingly unbeatable medal winning streak in gymnastics.

But there was eventually someone who would outshine this super skilled legend—his own daughter!

Nastia Liukin won her first gold medal at the tender age of 14, and went on to win one gold, three silvers and one bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Now retired, she famously had a relationship with hockey player Matt Lombardi.

Talk about keeping it in the family!Valeri Liukin and Nastia Liukin

Gerard Wilkins and Jasmyn Wilkins

NBA legend Gerard Wilkins is adored throughout the world for his unbeatable skill and talent. Throughout his glittering career he played for some of the most prestigious teams in the league, such as the New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

His daughter Jasmyn “Jazz” Wilkins is equally as impressive—not only did she stun her peers and teachers alike with a star turn on her high school basketball team, she also is an accomplished model and beauty pageant competitor.Gerard Wilkins and Jasmyn Wilkins

Brett Favre and Brittany Favre-Mallion

NFL player Brett Favre is no stranger to the heady heights of fame, having carved a glittering career with teams such as the Green Bay Packers, the Atlanta Falcons, the Packers, the New York Jets, and the Minnesota Vikings.

But Favre’s success on the field isn’t the thing he’s proudest of in life—he also has raised a stunningly successful daughter.

Brittany Favre-Mallion is an incredibly accomplished young woman, having graduated with a degree in law and pursuing a successful legal career.Brett Favre and Brittany Favre-Mallion

Mike Woodson and Mariah Woodson

One of the biggest stars of the NBA, Mike Woodson has gained worldwide fame for both his playing and coaching skills.

Having played for teams such as New York Knicks and Sacramento Players, he has also coached the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Clippers.

And he’s not the only one in the family who has displayed considerable sporting prowess—his daughter Mariah played college volleyball at Georgia Tech University. His other daughter Alexis is also a volleyball player!Mike Woodson and Mariah Woodson

Prakash Padukone and Deepika Padukone

Prakash Padukone made history in 1980 when he became the first Indian badminton player to win the All England Championship.

As well as being an accomplished sporting great, he is a committed husband and father, and has raised an equally famous daughter.

Deepika Padukone is one of the most famous faces in the Bollywood circuit, having starred in as well as produced a host of successful movies.

She has also carved out a successful side career as a fashion model. In 2018, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world.Prakash Padukone and Deepika Padukone

Judy Trammell and Cassie Trammell

Here’s a brilliant example of a legendary celeb raising their daughter to follow in their glamorous footsteps—and instilling in them the same passion that made them famous!

After achieving fame as one of the greatest Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in history, blonde bombshell Judy Trammell had fans transfixed with her glamorous style and signature slick moves.

So it was no surprise when her daughter Cassie Trammell showed the same natural talent, and also started cheering for the Dallas Cowboys.

Talk about keeping it in the family!Judy Trammell and Cassie Trammell

Deion Sanders and Deiondra Sanders

NFL legend Deion Sanders is one of the biggest and best players in the league’s history. The celebrated quarterback has played for teams such as the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, and the Dallas Cowboys.

And that’s not even the only reason he is famous—he is also a baseball star, having played for the New York Yankees!

And now he can also rely on his daughter to keep the family fame soaring—the glamorous star has become somewhat of a social media sensation, sharing style tips and inspiration with her ever-growing fan base.Deion Sanders and Deiondra Sanders

Glenn Carano and Gina Carano

Glenn Carano made his name as one of the most talented players the NFL has ever seen. He played as quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for seven seasons, and now runs a successful hotel and hospitality conglomerate.

As well as his successful career, he also can pat himself on the back for his parenting skills. His daughter Gina has grown up to become a talented and versatile star, gaining fame for her athletic and MMA skills as well as becoming a successful actress. She has appeared in blockbusters such as Deadpool and Extraction.Glenn Carano and Gina Carano

Phillippi Sparks and Jordin Sparks

Here’s one case where this star’s famous daughter has quite possibly outshone her parents!

Phillippi Sparks was a pretty big deal in his day, playing for the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. But it’s his daughter who has truly soared to the stellar heights of fame!

Jordin Sparks famously won the reality TV show American Idol, and has gone on to become a hugely successful recording artist. Her self-titled debut album went platinum and she has received numerous accolades, including two Grammy nominations.Phillippi Sparks and Jordin Sparks

Art Rooney Sr. and Kate Mara

Art Rooney Sr. is one of the undisputed greats of the world of the NFL. Widely considered as the closest thing to American royalty, Rooney was the founding owner of the super successful and mega famous Pittsburgh Steelers, a successful boxer and a member of the NFL Hall of Fame.

But now it’s his granddaughter that seems to be taking most of the spotlight.

Kate Mara has become one of Hollywood’s hottest properties, with stellar performances in smash hit movies such as Fantastic Four and The Martian.Art Rooney Sr. and Kate Mara

John Force and Courtney Force

We love it when the children of celebrities grow up to be not just famous, but famous for their passion being exactly the same as their parents. It just shows that sometimes these sorts of talents are really in their blood.

Take John Force, for example. A 16 time NHRA Funny Car champion, he is one of the biggest names in drag racing even to this day.

And his daughter Courtney clearly shares the same natural skill in the sport. She drives the Traxxas Ford Mustang in her father’s team. Amazing!John Force and Courtney Force

Wade Phillips and Tracy Phillips

One of the greatest football coaches in American history, NFL star Wade Phillips has led a wide number of top-tier teams to league victories and sporting glory.

Currently the defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams, he is widely considered one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL.

Clearly sharing his star style, his daughter Tracy has followed her own path, carving out a successful career for herself as an actress. She has appeared in classic movies such as Water for Elephants and 500 Days of Summer.Wade Phillips and Tracy Phillips

Terry Bradshaw and Rachel Bradshaw

NFL legend Terry Bradford is almost as well known for his high-profile endorsement deals as much as his skill as a footballer. One of the most talented quarterbacks in the Pittsburgh Steelers history, he has an amazing four Super Bowl titles to his name.

But he’s not the only member of his family that has reached the heady heights of fame. His daughter, Rachel Bradshaw, is a successful and well-known recording artist with her group The Stella James Band. She also has appeared in TV shows such as Nashville.Terry Bradshaw and Rachel Bradshaw

Norv Turner and Stephanie Turner

Norv Turner is undisputedly one of the greatest football coaches in NFL history. He has served as offensive coordinator for what reads like a who’s who of the most successful teams in the league, such as the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, and the Dallas Cowboys. He has also won two Super Bowls!

But his daughter Stephanie is earning her own brand of star power. A successful actress, she has proved her thespian chops appearing in shows such as Bones7th Heaven, and CSI.Norv Turner and Stephanie Turner

Urban Meyer and Nicki Meyer

Here’s another perfect examples of stellar sporting dynasties keeping their passion and love for the game within the family.

Urban Meyer made his name as a mega star within the NFL, first as a player and then later as a coach. Currently coaching the Ohio State Buckeyes, he also provided help and advice for his equally sporty and talented daughter.

Nicki Meyer plays college volleyball at Florida Gulf Coast University, and has spoken openly about her pride in coming from such an athletic family.Urban Meyer and Nicki Meyer

Nick Saban and Kristen Saban

Widely considered to be the greatest coach in college football history, Nick Saban has coached at universities such as Louisiana State University (LSU), Michigan State University, and the University of Toledo.

Today he serves as the head football coach for the University of Alabama, and one of the students there was particularly close to his heart.

That would be his daughter, Kristen, who was one of his most cherished students and passionate football players. Nowadays she serves on the board of her father’s children’s charity, Nick’s Kids Foundation.Nick Saban and Kristen Saban

Mike Mayock and Leigh Mayock

Mike Mayock has been a familiar face in the world of the NFL for over forty years. Starting out as a player for teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Toronto Argonauts, and the New York Giants, he has since moved into an executive and analyst role where he serves as general manager for the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders.

His daughter Leigh Mayock has also proved herself to be a key player in the sporting world—she works as a Talent Producer at Fox Sports Radio, as well as being a popular social media influencer.Mike Mayock and Leigh Mayock

Troy Aikman and Jordan Aikman

NFL star Troy Aikman made history when he became the longest ever serving quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He joined them in 1989 and stayed with them for his entire career, all the way until 2000.

The three-time Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, but there’s another role he takes even more seriously—that of a dad.

Aikman’s daughter Jordan is not only inspired by her dad’s greatness, but she also channels it into her own successful career in high school lacrosse.Troy Aikman and Jordan Aikman

Michael Jordan and Jasmine M. Jordan

It’s pretty impossible to have a list of the greatest athletes of all time and not mention NBA legend Michael Jordan. Not only is he probably the most famous and successful basketball player of all time, he’s also an accomplished movie star!

But as well as all his professional talents, he’s also a committed father to his five children.

His daughter Jasmine didn’t follow him into the world of basketball, but ended up becoming a star in her own right—as a sports executive and social media influencer.Michael Jordan and Jasmine M. Jordan

Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair

Talk about a legendary sporting family dynasty!

Ric Flair is one of the biggest names on the professional wrestling circuit, having made his name back in the 90s with the WWE. A 16-time world champion, Flair has the wrestling world fully at his feet, and pretty much everyone in the sport bows down to his greatness.

That is, of course, apart from his daughter. Charlotte Flair is a wrestling legend in her own right—nicknamed “The Queen”, is a four-times Raw Women’s Champion and a record-breaking five-times SmackDown Women’s Champion.Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair

Dwayne Johnson and Simone Johnson

Even if you are not a fan of wrestling or even any other sports, chances are that you have still probably heard of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

After finding fame as one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time, AND pursuing a successful career as a football player, he’s now better known as a TV star and movie personality!

And his daughter Simone clearly carries his same star quality—she also trained with the WWE Performance Center, and announced in 2020 that she had joined the official roster.Dwayne Johnson and Simone Johnson

John McEnroe and Emily McEnroe

You cannot be serious! That’s what you’ll say when we tell you just how much this father-daughter team have achieved during their combined years in the spotlight.

John McEnroe, one of the most successful and famously spirited tennis players in history, is well known throughout the world for his sporting achievements.

And his daughter Emily is giving him a run for his money—she’s an aspiring actress with her eye on the bright lights of Hollywood.

It’s no surprise, really, considering that her mother is also Oscar-winning actress Tatum O’Neal.John McEnroe and Emily McEnroe

Julius Erving and Alexandra Stevenson

This is a particularly amazing story of how sporting stardom can run in the family—even if you don’t know each other.

Julius Erving made his name as a legendary basketball player, appearing for teams such as the Virginia Squires, New York Nets and Philadelphia 76ers.

Though he was a huge star, he kept one thing very private—a secret daughter.

That secret daughter grew up to become the WTA professional tennis player Alexandra Stevenson, and the two have since reconnected and forged a relationship.Julius Erving and Alexandra Stevenson

Magic Johnson and Elisa Johnson

Earvin “Magic” Johnson is considered a giant of basketball in more ways than one. Towering over his opponents at a whopping 6’9”, he is a five-time NBA champion, twelve-time NBA All-Star, and three-time NBA Finals MVP.

His daughter Elisa is also somewhat of a Most Valuable Player—but in a very different way. The up and coming star has appeared in a host of modeling campaigns and TV shows, including her brother E.J. Johnson’s reality show EJNYC, and has garnered a huge fan following on her social media channels.

Magic Johnson and Elisa Johnson

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