Daughters of Famous Celebrities, All Grown Up

When you grow up with famous parents, movie sets, concert halls and red-carpet events can seem like the natural career course to take yourself – so it’s not very surprising that many children of famous celebrities find themselves choosing careers in entertainment as they grow older.

Building on the experience and careers of their parents, many celebrity children outshine their mothers and fathers, and become celebrities in their own right.

Who are these celebrity children, and what are they up to today?

And how many do you know, without even knowing it?

Ava Phillippe

Many people say that Reese Witherspoon’s daughter, Ava Phillippe, is the spitting image of her mother when she was younger. And it’s difficult to deny the family resemblance.

But while Ava certainly has the looks needed to succeed in Hollywood, she’s actually chosen a different path.

Rather than acting, the young Ava has chosen to model, and has already appeared in Rodarte’s Fall 2018 collection’s lookbook. Today, she works as the lead model in her mother’s exclusive clothing line, Draper James.Ava Phillippe

Francesca and Alison Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is perhaps one of the most iconic Western actors in modern times – so it makes sense that his daughters, Francesca and Alison Eastwood, would want to follow in his footsteps.

Alison started out early, and acted as a child in dozens of films – including Absolute Power and Space Cowboys, directed by her father.

Francesca is also an aspiring actress, and is probably best known for her portrayal of Molly Walked in Heroes Reborn.Francesca and Alison Eastwood

Hailey and Alaia Baldwin

The Baldwin clan seemed big when it was just Stephen Baldwin and his brothers, Alec, Daniel

and William – but now that Stephen’s daughters, Hailey and Alaia, have entered the modeling world, the Baldwin family truly seems like celebrity royalty.

As a model, Hailey has a huge Instagram following, and has modeled for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Elie Saab, as well as appeared on the covers of magazines like Maxim!

If that wasn’t enough, she can count Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Justin Bieber as some of her best friends!Hailey and Alaia Baldwin

Eva Amurri

Eva Amurri started her career as her mother’s daughter. Considering her mom is superstar actress Susan Sarandon – that makes a lot of sense. But these days, it seems like Amurri is well on her way to becoming a well-regarded actress in her own right.

Prolific in her own right, Eva Amurri has an impressive filmography, featuring television shows like Californication and Undateable as well as films like Saved! and New York, I Love You – as well as 2016’s Mothers and Daughters, in which she acted opposite her own mother.Eva Amurri

Olivia Jade

While Olivia Jade, Lori Loughlin’s daughter, didn’t become an actress like her mother, she’s still a star in her own right.

With over a million subscribers to her YouTube channel, Olivia Jade is a bonafide online celebrity. She made a name for herself after sharing fashion and makeup tips, consistently creating great content on her channel and garnering a huge following – which has spilled over to Instagram as well, where she has nearly 1.5 million followers, too.Olivia Jade

Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin’s parents are some of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters: Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin – so it makes sense that she would turn to acting herself. Ireland’s acting debut came in the form of playing a young version of her mother’s character in Grudge Match – and we the resemblance between the two, it’s easy to see why she got the part.

But Ireland isn’t just interested in acting. She’s also making a career for herself as a model, and has already appeared on several magazine covers, as well as in campaigns for True Religion Jeans and Guess.Ireland Baldwin

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a Hollywood A-lister through and through, so it may surprise some readers to learn she’s actually Goldie Hawn’s daughter! And while he isn’t her biological father, Kate was also raised by Goldie’s current, longtime partner, Kurt Russell.

Having starred in countless movies over the past two decades, Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days are arguably some of her most famous works – but recently, it seems like she’s shifted her focus from acting to running her fitness brand, Fabletics, as well as authoring multiple self-help books.Kate Hudson

Lily and Annie Costner

Lily and Annie, Kevin Costner’s daughters, are definitely interested in their father’s work – just not in the acting part of it.

While they both appeared on screen with their dad in the films The Baby-Sitters Club and The Postman, they have veered away from acting in their adult lives and pursue other career paths.

Annie is still in showbiz, having co-founded a production company called Sound Off Films, which primarily focuses on documentary and non-fiction storytelling, while Lily is a musician, and sometimes even performs with her dad’s country band, Modern West.Lily and Annie Costner

Lily Rose Depp

Lily Rose Depp is a true mix of her parents, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Her mother, a former fashion model, was a Chanel ambassador – a role which Lily has taken on recently herself, as a successful young model. Her dad, one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, has passed on his talent as well, and Lily Rose was cast her in celebrated director Kevin Smith’s movies Tusk and Yoga Hosers.Lily Rose Depp

Sailor Brinkley Cook

Sailor Brinkley Cook takes after her mother, Christie Brinkley, in more ways than one. Christie has appeared in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issues eight times over the past thirty years – and Sailor seems to be aiming for an even higher number of appearances.

Sailor, her sister Alexa Ray Joel, and their mother Christie took part in a joint photo shoot in 2017, and since then Sailor has appeared in her own shoot after joining the SI Swimsuit 2018 rookie class.Sailor Brinkley Cook

Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber is still in her teens, but already has a contract with IMG Models – one of the premier modeling agencies in the world – and during her short career has worked, so far, with Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Coach, Prada, Chanel and more.

Well, we guess it’s not a huge surprise, considering she’s Cindy Crawford’s daughter!

Cindy Crawford was one of the top personalities in fashion and modeling for many decades, and it looks like her daughter is angling for that title as well.Kaia Gerber

Miley Cyrus

Because Miley Cyrus’ career broke into mainstream media like a wrecking ball, it may be easy to forget that both her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia Jean Cyrus, are actually famous personalities in their own accord. Billy Ray Cyrus is an acclaimed and successful country singer, while Miley’s mom, Leticia Jean Cyrus, is a successful actress and producer.

The family have worked together on several projects, and Billy Ray even played Miley’s father on screen!Miley Cyrus

Zoe Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz is huge right now. She’s acted in some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises, including X-Men, Divergent, Mad Max and, of course, the new Harry Potter films, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – as well as on HBO’s Big Little Lies!

But while she’s truly taking Hollywood for a spin, she still has a long way to go before she matches her father’s success. That’s because her dad is none other than Rock’n’roll legend, Lenny Kravitz – one of the most successful recording artists of all time.

Still, the way Zoë is going, it won’t take her long to eclipse her dad – not that it’s a competition!Zoe Kravitz

Corinne Foxx

Corinne Foxx grew up on the red carpet – almost literally. As a teen, she would often accompany her dad, actor and director Jamie Foxx, to red carpet events, rubbing shoulders with the film industry’s top brass.

So it makes sense she’d feel comfortable on a runway – which is probably one of the reasons she’s doing so well in her modeling career. She began modeling in 2014, and since then has managed to work with brands like Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana.Corinne Foxx

Sosie Bacon

How many degrees of separation between Sosie Bacon and Kevin Bacon?

Unsurprisingly, just one – since he’s her dad!

Sosie is Kevin Bacon’s and Kyra Sedwick’s daughter, and while both have seen success as actors, they were actually hoping their daughter would choose a different career. Apparently, though, her acting genes are stronger than anything else, and today both of them support her career as an actress. Father Kevin even cast her in his movie Loverboy, and her mother appeared with her in the TV show The Closer.

Today, Sosie is best known for her role as Skye Miller on 13 Reasons Why.Sosie Bacon

Ella Bleu Travolta

Ella Bleu Travolta is no stranger to the red carpet, being the daughter of none other than the legendary Hollywood power couple, John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

In recent years, Ella, who has recently turned eighteen, has actually made her own forays into the world of film.

She appeared, alongside her parents and the late Robin Williams, in the 2009 Disney film, Old Dogs, and is set to star in the upcoming neo-noir thriller The Poison Rose, alongside giants like her father, Morgan Freeman, Femke Janssen and others.Ella Bleu Travolta

Stella Banderas

When stars Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith had a daughter together, they decided to name her Stella – which, fittingly means “star” – and so, it seems like Stella was destined for greatness from the moment she was born. With her dad having appeared in classics like Desperado and The Mask of Zorro, and her mother having starred in groundbreaking films like LolitaSomething Wild and Working Girl, it’s no wonder Stella is pursuing a career in acting as well.Stella Banderas

Willow Smith

She whips her hair back and forth – and is probably one of the biggest – and youngest – up and coming stars in both Hollywood and the music industry.

Will Smith’s daughter, Willow Smith, has been a pretty huge deal for several years now, despite her young age, and is the youngest artist ever to be signed on to Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation.

Her Latest album titled The 1st, was highly praised, and she toured with its new songs all through 2017.Willow Smith

Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwenyth Paltrow has had a hugely successful career as an actress, writer and lifestyle guru, even receiving an Oscar for her performance in Shakespeare in Love. Today, she’s one of Hollywood’s most highly regarded – and highest paying – actors, and appears in countless movies, including in the highly successful Iron Man and subsequent Marvel films.

So, it’s completely understandable if you’ve forgotten that her mother is a big Hollywood star in her own right. Blythe Danner, Gwenyth Paltrow’s mother, is the recipient of two Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Izzy Huffstodt on Huff, and of a Tony Award for Best Actress for her performance in Butterflies Are Free on Broadway.Gwenyth Paltrow

Sofia and Nicole Richie

Lionel Richie is one of the most successful recording artists of all time. With hits like “Easy”, “All Night Long” and “Three Times a Lady,” it’s no wonder that he’s received the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors back in 2017. But his daughters, Sofia and Nicole, seem to be doing just fine even without their dad’s help.

Both are big names in the fashion world. Sofia started modeling when she was a teen, and featured in campaigns for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Chanel, while Nicole has been making waves with her best friend, Paris Hilton, ever since she’s appeared on the reality show The Simple Life. Since then, however, she’s channeled her energy into more constructive ventures, and today heads her own fashion house, House of Harlow 1960, was a mentor on NBC’s Fashion Star, and was recently cast in one of the lead roles of the sitcom Great News.Sofia and Nicole Richie

Valentina Pinault

Valentina Pinault has her life more or less cut out for her. Her parents are Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault – a billionaire, and one of the richest men in France. With a $26 billion to her father’s name, it’s highly unlikely that Valentina will ever have to work a day in her life if she doesn’t want to. But if she did want to, she might want to consider a career in acting. While she is still very young, and her mother does her best to keep her away from prying and intrusive eyes, whenever the media does get a shot of her they can’t help but marvel at how similar Valentina is to her Hollywood star mother.Valentina Pinault

Zelda Williams

If even just a hint of talent gets passed on genetically, Zelda Williams is sitting on a goldmine.

Her father, Robin Williams, was undoubtedly one of the most talented actors and comedians in entertainment history, and so it’s little wonder that Zelda has been acting herself, since a very young age.

She first appeared on screen in 2004, when she was just 5, in House of D, alongside her father.

Since then, she’s landed acting roles in various television shows and films – but don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize her face. Zelda has a penchant for voiceover work, and does most of her acting in animated shows like The Legend of Korra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.Zelda Williams

Mamie, Louisa & Grace Gummer

It seems Meryl Streep excels in anything she decides to put her mind to – and that definitely includes parenting, if her daughters Mamie, Louisa and Grace Gummer are any indication.

The three sisters all greatly resemble their mother – and not just in looks! Mamie and Grace have chosen to follow in their mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in acting – which is going pretty well for both of them so far! – while the young Louisa has taken up a career in modeling, and has already appeared in Vanity Fair and Glamour, as well as shot several campaigns for Dior!Mamie, Louisa & Grace Gummer

Riley Keough

Riley Keough is a member of what many would agree is American royalty: she is the granddaughter of Priscilla and Elvis Presley.

Her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, isn’t just Elvis’ daughter – she’s also been married to both Nicholas Cage and Michael Jackson – so it makes sense that Riley would be fairly well connected in Hollywood.

And as a budding young actress, it seems like Riley really has made all the right career choices so far: she’s acted in huge Hollywood blockbusters like Mad Max: Fury Road, critically acclaimed television shows like The Girlfriend Experience and surprisngly successful indie productions like American Honey and It Comes at Night.

We can’t wait to see what she does next!Riley Keough

Rumer Willis

With parents like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, it’s hard to not be talented – but Rumer Willis is talented even by their standards.

Having started acting when she was just 7, Rumer is best known today for her portrayal of Tory Ash on Empire – but she’s also shown promise in other fields.

In addition to her acting, Rumer wowed audiences and judges alike in Dancing with the Stars, and even won season 20 of the show!Rumer Willis

Liv Freundlich

Liv Freundlich looks a lot like her mother, Julianne Moore – except she’s a little taller. How can we be so sure? Easy! The two are constantly photographed together, and despite her young age – Liv was born in 2002 – she’s already outgrown her mom.

Despite her young age, Liv has managed to get some acting credits to her name already. With a few small movie roles in The Rebound and Trust the Man, Liv could definitely start an acting career if she so chooses. Still, she’s just a teen, and has her whole life ahead of her, so she’s not hurrying to make any career choices just yet.Liv Freundlich

Georgia May Jagger

Mick Jagger is undoubtedly one of music history’s most important, prolific and talented musicians – but his daughter, Georgia May Jagger, whom he had with model Jerry Hall, has her sights set on a career path more similar to her mother’s.

Georgia May has pursued a career in modeling and fashion, and it seems to be going quite well for her. So far, she’s worked with Chanel and Versace, and even designed collections for Volcom and Mulberry – and if she manages to bring her dad’s rock star attitude to fashion, we can’t wait to see what she’ll do with it!Georgia May Jagger

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Kendall and Kylie Jenner got famous thanks to their parents’ fame – and as long as Keeping Up with the Kardashians sticks around, part of their fame will always be linked to their parents. But in addition to their careers as reality stars, the two sisters have managed to strike out on their own, and to become much more than TV celebs.

Leveraging her success, Kendall has become one of the highest-paid models in the world today, while Kylie is the owner of a hugely successful cosmetics line and a self-made millionaire. That really is a lot to keep up with!Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Lourdes Leon

Madonna is the Queen of Pop and will always be the Queen – but her daughter, Lourdes Leon, is a pretty worthy pretender to the throne.

The multitalented Lourdes has been creating since she was a toddler – and at age 6 helped her mother write a series of children’s books. When she was 13, she was in charge of Madonna’s backup dancers’ outfits, and a year later, when she was 14, already launched a successful beauty line.

On top of that, she sang backup vocals in some of her mother’s songs, acted in several stage productions and took part in Stella McCartney’s Pop perfume campaign.Lourdes Leon

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is a pretty big name in movies right now: with a breakout lead role in the Fifty Shades franchise, Dakota has all but become a household name – so it’s easy to forget that her parents, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, are pretty big names in their own right as well.

And while Fifty Shades may not have been loved by critics, Dakota Johnson’s newer films, including Suspiria and Bad Times at the El Royale, have been universally acclaimed.Dakota Johnson

Dylan Penn

Dylan Penn seems to have everything going for her. Her parents are Sean Penn and Robin Wright of House of Cards and Princess Bride fame – and since Dylan is interested in acting, she probably couldn’t have asked for better parents.

In addition to acting, Dylan is also a successful model, having appeared in a campaign for Gap, as well as in several successful magazines, including an internet breaking shoot for Treats!Dylan Penn

Annie Guest

Annie Guest is Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter – who is, in turn, the daughter of actor Tony Curtis and actress Janet Leigh – but while she did get a taste of red-carpet events as a child, she decided not to follow in her mother’s path.

Instead, Annie got a BFA in dance at Kenyon College, and is currently working as a dance trainer, teaching everything from hip hop to ballet.Annie Guest

Ava Sambora

Ava Sambora is the daughter of Bon Jovi’s lead guitarist, Richie Sambora, and of ’90s heartthrob Heather Locklear. Like her mother, Ava is interested in acting, and has played several TV roles as well as appearing in films, including the comedy This Is 40.

In addition to her acting work, Ava is also a professional model. She’s represented by LINK Entertainment Industry Model Management, and her Instagram account has managed to garner tens of thousands of followers!Ava Sambora

Taylor Dearden

Taylor Dearden is famous Breaking Bad lead Bryan Cranston’s daughter – and she got her acting debut playing a minor role in one of that show’s episodes as well. Since then, she’s graduated from the University of Southern California, where she majored in theater – and landed one of the lead roles on Sweet/Vicious – an MTV show about two college students who secretly act as vigilantes on campus.Taylor Dearden

Gigi and Bella Hadid

Sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid are easily amongst the world’s top models today. In addition to numerous campaigns for huge brands, the Hadid sisters won countless modeling awards, appeared in all of the major and most prestigious fashion magazines and worked with some of the world’s leading fashion designers. But they’re not the only models in the family: their mother, Yolanda Foster, was a hugely successful model in the early ’90s, having modeled in Paris, Milan, Sydney, Cape Town, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Hamburg.Gigi and Bella Hadid

Dominik Garcia-Lorido

Andy García is a hugely successful actor, having appeared in countless classics, including The Godfather Part III, The Untouchables, Internal Affairs and When a Man Loves a Woman.

His daughter, Dominik García-Lorido, first appeared alongside him in his directorial debut, The Lost City, and later in City Island, where she played his character’s daughter. Since then, Dominik has gone on to appear in numerous films and television shows, including Magic City, Wild Card and Desolation.Dominik Garcia-Lorido

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is the daughter of one of the most famous and complex people in history: Michael Jackson.

As she was growing up, she suffered from depression and bullying – but today, she’s grown into a powerful young woman. Like her father, Paris Jackson has chosen a career in entertainment, and has kicked off her modeling career after signing a contract with IMG Models – and appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

In addition to modeling, Paris also acts, and has made her film debut opposite of Charlize Theron in 2018’s action comedy, Gringo.Paris Jackson

Maya Hawke

Uma Thurman’s an Ethan Hawke’s marriage was short, but it lasted long enough for the two Hollywood megastars to become parents to two kids together – one of them being Maya, an aspiring model and actress.

Maya made a name for herself after modeling in on of Calvin Klein’s video ad campaigns, and her camera presence was enough to get her notice by director Sofia Coppola, who wanted to cast her in the lead role of her upcoming live action version of The Little Mermaid.

Disney rejected her casting decision, stating Maya wasn’t yet a big enough name to pull audiences to the upcoming film, but they may yet live to regret that decision: Maya has a string of big budget projects lined up for her, including a major part in the third season of Netflix’s critically acclaimed Stranger Things web series.Maya Hawke

Frances Bean Cobain

Daughter of grunge legends Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Francis Bean Cobain grew up with a lot of media attention on her from the get go.

Despite the personal tragedy of her father’s passing, as well as her highly documented – and rocky – relationship with her mother, Francis is doing pretty well these days. After inheriting %37 of her father’s fortune, she controls all publicity rights to his name and image – a pretty big job! In addition, Francis is pursuing her passions of visual arts, modeling and music.Frances Bean Cobain

Allison Williams

Allison Williams’ dad should be pretty familiar to you if you watch MSNBC. One of the network’s leading anchors – and host of The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, he’s an important journalistic personality.

But his daughter is doing a pretty good job of outshining his celebrity status! Allison was an aspiring comedian when Lena Dunham offered her the role of Marnie Michaels on her hit HBO show, Girls – a role she ended up playing for five years. After Girls ended, Williams went on to play Rose Armitage in Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed Get Out.Allison Williams

Margaret and Rainey Qualley

Who can forget Andie MacDowell? She was huge back in the ’90s, starring in a huge number of films, including Groundhog Day which, we’re a little embarrassed to say, we’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve watched. Her daughters, Margaret and Rainey Qualley, aren’t doing so bad nowadays, either.

Her older daughter, Margaret, is actually doing quite well for herself: she was a series regular in HBO’s The Leftovers, and appeared alongside Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys. Rainey also appeared in a few indie flicks, but is currently concentrating on her music career.Margaret and Rainey Qualley

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is so famous, it’s easy to forget her parents were celebrities as well. Her father, Ernie, played alongside her in her big screen debut, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but after that first push, she did quite well on her own.

After Gossip Girl was released, Blake’s place as a Hollywood A-lister was cemented – not to mention her marriage to her Green Lantern co-star, Ryan Reynolds!Blake Lively

Bryce Dallas Howard

Some people might think Bryce Dallas Howard owes her career to her father, Ron Howard, but it’s actually M. Night Shyamalan who made her a star.

Bryce played lead roles in his movies The Village and Lady in the Water, which helped her get noticed as a major cinematic talent. In recent times, she’s appeared in leading roles in both The Help and Jurassic World, and has quite a few more interesting projects lined up in the future.Bryce Dallas Howard

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler may have gotten her start with a part in a music video for her dad’s band, Aerosmith – but after that, she was on her own – and managed to forge a path for herself after starring in classic films like Empire Records, Armageddon and, of course, playing the role of Arwen opposite Viggo Mortensen in Peter Jackson’s epic Lord of the Rings film adaptations.

Her more recent film credits include HBO’s The Leftovers and the teen horror flick Wildling.Liv Tyler

Emily and Zooey Deschanel

Mary Jo Deschanel became famous after playing Eileen Hayward in David Lynch’s cult TV series, Twin Peaks – but her daughters are even more famous.

Emily spent more than 10 season in one of the lead roles in the procedural drama Bones, while Zooey, her sister, stole all of our hearts with her portrayal of the quirky Jess Day on New Girl.

While Emily and Zooey rarely work together on screen, they are very good friends behind the scenes.Emily and Zooey Deschanel

Abby Elliott

Chris Elliott is one of America’s greatest comedic actors. Known for his sketches on Late Night with David Letterman, his leading role on Fox TV’s Get a Life and Eagleheart on Adult Swim, as well as his recurring roles as Peter MacDougall on Everybody Loves Raymond and as Mickey Aldrin on How I Met Your Mother, his boasts some pretty impressive acting credits.

His daughter, Abby Elliott, seems to be following in his footsteps. She joined Saturday Night Live in 2008 and stayed with them for four seasons, and later made appearances on How I Met Your Mother and became a series regular on Odd Mom Out.Abby Elliott

Ashley Judd

Naomi Judd was a hugely successful, multi-talented artist back in her day – but her daughter, Ashley, seems to be focusing on the acting profession.

Just like her mother, Ashley has no shortage of talent, and won an Indie Spirit Award for her breakthrough role in Ruby in Paradise. Over two decades later, Ashley has become an Emmy and Golden Globe award nominated actress – and a feminist activist in the #metoo movement, after coming out as one of the actresses that fell victim to Harvey Weinstein.Ashley Judd

Alexa Ray Joel

Alexa Ray Joel is the daughter of none other than rock’n’roll legend Billy Joel and fashion icon Christie Brinkley – and seems to have inherited both of her parents’ best traits.

Back in 2006, Alexa released her indie EP, Sketches, and still tours and plays concerts today – while also fostering a career in modeling, becoming the face of Prell Shampoo – a role her mother held two decades prior.Alexa Ray Joel

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts’ dad, Eric Roberts, is a highly decorated actor, having won several Golden Globes, as well as nominations for the Academy Awards and other prestigious acting titles. Like her father, Emma isn’t doing too bad as an actress, either.

While she still doesn’t have any golden statues on her mantel, she has landed roles on American Horror Story and Scream Queens, played the lead in Aquamarine and Nancy Drew, and appeared alongside her aunt, Julia Roberts in romantic comedy Valentine’s Day.Emma Roberts

Jennifer Aniston

Thanks to her role as Rachel in the iconic ’90s sitcom, Friends, Jennifer Aniston is one of the highest paid actresses in TV history. But since then, she’s appeared in so many films and shows, it’s almost impossible to count them all.

Her father, John Aniston, could never hope to live up to his daughter’s success, but he was still very successful in his time, playing in hundreds of Days of Our Lives episodes.Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Capshaw

Most actors have to jump through countless hoops in order to appear in a Spielberg movie – but all Jessica Capshaw has to do is pick up the phone and call her stepdad – which is probably the reason she managed to play in both Schindler’s List and star in Minority Report – but don’t think it’s all favors done for family members! Jessica is a tremendously talented actress, as her long running roles in The Practice and Grey’s Anatomy demonstrate.Jessica Capshaw

Spencer and Greer Grammer

Kelsey Grammer spent two decades portraying one of the most well-loved comedic characters in TV history – psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane on the NBC sitcoms Cheers and Frasier – so it’s no wonder his daughter, Spencer, is a pretty funny gal herself.

Spencer has appeared on ABC Family’s Greek, but she is perhaps best known for providing the voice of Summer, Morty’s sister and Rick’s granddaughter on Adult Swim’s cult animated series, Rick and Morty.

Spencer’s sister, Greer, also acts, in is probably best remembered for her role as Lissa Miller in MTV’s Awkward.Spencer and Greer Grammer

Brielle Biermann

Kim Zolciak and her daughter, Brielle Biermann, are probably best known for their multiple appearances together in The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Both women always manage to look on point, and Brielle, in addition to her reality show fame, is also the owner of a hugely successful Instagram account, which totally makes her an online influencer as well.Brielle Biermann

Lily Allen

Lil Allen’s dad, actor Keith Allen, has appeared in numerous films, including Trainspotting and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, but it’s his daughter that he’s truly famous for.

Lily Allen first became famous after her MySpace page (remember MySpace?!) went viral. Having rocked the music world with hits like “Smile” and “LDN,” Lily is still an important musician in today’s pop scene, and recently released a new album called No Shame.Lily Allen

Lily Mo Sheen

Did you know that not only were Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen a couple, the two actually had a child together?

That’s right. Lily Mo Sheen seems to have inherited the best qualities from both her parents, and even played a younger version of her mother in more than one movie!

Today, Lily Mo studies drama at New York University, and we think it’s only a matter of time before she takes her rightful place next to her parents in Hollywood’s A-lists.Lily Mo Sheen

Maggie Gyllenhaal

The Gyllenhaal family have quite a few stars among their ranks, but siblings Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal seem to have outshined everyone else. While the two have acted together in quite a few movies when they were younger, their last joint venture was Donnie Darko.

Maggie later made a name for herself with her Golden Globe-nominated lead role in Secretary, and continued to hit home runs with her parts in the film Crazy Heart and the television shows The Honorable Woman and The Deuce.Maggie Gyllenhaal

Katherine and Christina Schwarzenegger

While Arnold Schwarzenegger may have made a name for himself as a muscly action hero, his daughters, Katherine and Christina, actually seem to take more after their journalist mother, Maria Shriver.

Katherine is the author of several self-help books, while her sister, Christina, is an aspiring documentary filmmaker, having served in the role of executive producer in the documentary film Take Your Pills.Katherine and Christina Schwarzenegger

Lily Collins

While some people might find the idea of living up to their father’s career – when their father is Phil Collins – Lily Collins is very much up to the task. Considered one of the most promising young talents in Hollywood today, Lily has acted in everything from big budget films like The Mortal Instruments and Netflix’s Okja to small indie productions like To the Bone and Love, Rosie – all to critical acclaim.Lily Collins

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones has been around for quite a while, and is a pretty huge star – so it might surprise some readers to discover that the Parks and Recreation regular is actually Quincy Jones’ daughter, whom he had with actress Peggy Lipton.

With both of her parents being such heavy hitters, it’s no surprise Rashida found so much success in the acting profession – but she has, since then, decided to move on to directing and producing.Rashida Jones

Sofia Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola is one of America’s most celebrated directors, but when he cast his daughter, Sofia, in the role of Mary Corleone in The Godfather: Part III, critics weren’t very enthused with her acting skills. But that’s totally fine, because Sofia’s true calling seems to be much more in line with that of her father’s: she is a talented screenwriter and director, having won an Oscar for her Lost in Translation script, and later, many awards for her direction of films like The Virgin Suicides, *Marie Antoinette *and The Beguiled, celebrated for their dreamlike aesthetic and complex characters.Sofia Coppola

Stella McCartney

When your dad is Beatle Paul McCartney, and you yourself decide to take on a creative career, expectations naturally run high.

So we have to tip our hats to Stella McCartney, who took the challenge head on, and became a highly successful fashion designer. Her eponymous brand, Stella, is popular with celebrities the world over, and also serves as an example for responsible, sustainable designs – as animal welfare and ecological responsibility are at the very top of Stella’s priorities.Stella McCartney

Gia Giudice

We’ve seen Gia Giudice and her sisters grow up in front of us on the show The Real Housewives of New Jersey, where her mother, cook book author and The Apprentice contestant Teresa Giudice, starred.

Despite her long years of exposure on TV, Gia is still very young, and she still hasn’t chosen a clear career path – although she does have a huge fan following on Instagram, where she is quite active.Gia Giudice

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross’ mom, Diana Ross, may be one of the most successful recording artists of all times, but that doesn’t mean she wanted a career in music herself.

Starting out as a child model, Tracee went on to become an actress. She was cast in one of the lead roles in the popular Girlfriends sitcom, and later won a Golden Globe for her role as Bow Johnson in Black-ish.Tracee Ellis Ross

Juliet Landau

Martin Landau was one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood’s Golden Age. His daughter, Juliet, got her first big break acting alongside her father in one of his last roles, playing Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton’s celebrated Ed Wood.

After that, Juliet went on to play a variety of roles, but she is perhaps still best remembered for her portrayal of the morbid vampire Drusilla in Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and its spin-off Angel.Juliet Landau

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